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Creatine: what is it? What is it for? How to take it?

Creatine: what is it? What is it for? How to take it?

Creatine is one of the supplements that has garnered the most attention among exercise enthusiasts.

Some myths arise around it and how it should be used and, today, we will let you know a little more about this product, starting with understanding what creatine is.

Creatine is a substance naturally present in the human body that is composed of amino acids and is found in muscle fibers and the brain. Despite being produced by the kidneys, pancreas and liver, creatine is also present in foods, such as fish, meat, chicken, milk and derivatives or can be consumed in supplement form.

Scientific finds reveal that creatine facilitates rapid energy production, helps build muscle mass and improves performance at high intensity activities, which is why it is so sought after by people who practice physical exercise.

Creatine can be ingested before or after training and even on rest days, however, and to maximize its benefits, it makes sense to be consumed close to physical exercise, which is when there is greater blood flow in the muscles.

The recommended daily dose is 3 to 5 grams and creatine should be consumed together with good sources of carbohydrates, as they facilitate the absorption of this compound by our muscles. The process of taking creatine must be indicated by a professional, however, in general, cycles of 8 to 12 weeks are recommended.


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